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Join Dr. Duane in the step-by-step transformation process of living gracefully with food allergies. We start by identifying ideologies on several fronts that make life challenging. The first two chapters discuss broad global constraints impose by religion, the government and other institutions. As we dig into future chapters, we'll learn how global beliefs translate into our interactions with friends and family, and with the way we think ourselves. By gaining a deep understanding of these "truths" or "beliefs," we can challenge them, re-strategize our responses, and ultimately transform and empower ourselves to live our best life with new "truths."

Participants will be asked to apply new concepts between workshops. Ultimately, participants will be equipped with ways to navigate the gluten-free, food sensitive lifestyle. Workshops are designed to help you take the concepts from the book and apply them to challenging social situations. Group sizes are limited to encourage enriching discussions. To prepare for the workshop discussions, please:

1. Read the chapter(s).
2. Think about examples from your life that you might want to share.
3. Consider what ideologies from the chapter(s) apply to your example.
4. Plan to ask questions.
5. (PS - don't worry if you don't have examples, or can't decide which ideologies apply -- it will all be addressed in the workshop!)

Transformational Process


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